The Art of Competition

The new year hype and 2018 left me feeling ballsy, as I set my goals for 2019. As the only person holding myself back,  I had to admit- I found myself intimidated by my plans for success. Audaciously asking myself “who does she think she is?” The audacity- IDKWTFUTURBIWBYA (crazy boss chics be knowing) . Thats right– I’m in competition with myself. Our biggest threat to our success can be ourselves and the negative behaviors we nurture. We must allow ourselves to think BIG, with no boundaries.


If you’ve ever gathered the nerve to haul off and slap a bi🤬h or chase your dreams, you know that kind of bold faced courage takes some self reflection. Championed the buzz word for 2018– self-care—(not to be confused with the self obsession of narcissism) is the epitome of solitude & conscientiousness. As we ascend to our highest self, tuning out the voices of naysayers, we become mindfully expressive and reflective. As a result our creativity and self-confidence strengthens.  Sometimes these ideas and actions can seem overwhelming,  but if we take it one pep talk at a time, a little ‘yes bishhhhhhh’ here and there- express ourselves and be our own hype woman. We become centered, energetic and  prepared to DO THE WORK.

Whether your hand game or head game is strong, you should know the difference between self-confidence and the ego. There’s a thin line between believing in yourself when you say “you’re a badd bish” vs wanting the world to acknowledge that you’re a bad bi🙃h. If narcissism gets a bad rep, where do we draw the line between self-confidence and narcissistic, egotistical acts of self-importance, particularly in a society where selfies and self-promotion are acceptable and accessible? Just make sure you are doing it for you and not your ego. Why wait on the world to recognize your greatness? If you’re willing to do the work, ask for what you want.

Confidence can be confused as cocky, if you’re looking for the approval of others.  Our confidence should not be a reflection of others self-esteem, where in our confidence can easily be mistake for arrogance. How someone else feels about you should not effect your self-esteem or represent your worth. Remember self confidence is based on ones overall belief/trust in ones ability to achieve some goal.



The belief in one’s own judgement ability is developed by measureable past wins and losses. Before automatically start recanting all your L’s, let me tell you “you’re still here”—number one on the win list and no small feat. We must acknowledge our wins no matter how big, nor small and not by the measures of someone else’s success. Don’t discredit yourself, believing what you want is unobtainable because the world is trying to convince us we’re not worthy. Never apologize for wanting what you want.


IT’S OUR YEAR TO WIN! If we’re not entertaining WYD texts in 2019, we sholl as heck ain’t doing self doubt! This year we can compete with ourselves and have the confidence to:

  1. Dream big & not hold back.
  2. Do the work.
  3. Ask for it with no ego.
  4. Don’t discredit yourself, apologizing for wanting what you want.