The Art of Competition

The new year hype and 2018 left me feeling ballsy, as I set my goals for 2019. As the only person holding myself back,  I had to admit- I found myself intimidated by my plans for success. Audaciously asking myself “who does she think she is?” The audacity- IDKWTFUTURBIWBYA (crazy boss chics be knowing) . Thats right– I’m in competition with myself. Our biggest threat to our success can be ourselves and the negative behaviors we nurture. We must allow ourselves to think BIG, with no boundaries.


If you’ve ever gathered the nerve to haul off and slap a bi🤬h or chase your dreams, you know that kind of bold faced courage takes some self reflection. Championed the buzz word for 2018– self-care—(not to be confused with the self obsession of narcissism) is the epitome of solitude & conscientiousness. As we ascend to our highest self, tuning out the voices of naysayers, we become mindfully expressive and reflective. As a result our creativity and self-confidence strengthens.  Sometimes these ideas and actions can seem overwhelming,  but if we take it one pep talk at a time, a little ‘yes bishhhhhhh’ here and there- express ourselves and be our own hype woman. We become centered, energetic and  prepared to DO THE WORK.

Whether your hand game or head game is strong, you should know the difference between self-confidence and the ego. There’s a thin line between believing in yourself when you say “you’re a badd bish” vs wanting the world to acknowledge that you’re a bad bi🙃h. If narcissism gets a bad rep, where do we draw the line between self-confidence and narcissistic, egotistical acts of self-importance, particularly in a society where selfies and self-promotion are acceptable and accessible? Just make sure you are doing it for you and not your ego. Why wait on the world to recognize your greatness? If you’re willing to do the work, ask for what you want.

Confidence can be confused as cocky, if you’re looking for the approval of others.  Our confidence should not be a reflection of others self-esteem, where in our confidence can easily be mistake for arrogance. How someone else feels about you should not effect your self-esteem or represent your worth. Remember self confidence is based on ones overall belief/trust in ones ability to achieve some goal.



The belief in one’s own judgement ability is developed by measureable past wins and losses. Before automatically start recanting all your L’s, let me tell you “you’re still here”—number one on the win list and no small feat. We must acknowledge our wins no matter how big, nor small and not by the measures of someone else’s success. Don’t discredit yourself, believing what you want is unobtainable because the world is trying to convince us we’re not worthy. Never apologize for wanting what you want.


IT’S OUR YEAR TO WIN! If we’re not entertaining WYD texts in 2019, we sholl as heck ain’t doing self doubt! This year we can compete with ourselves and have the confidence to:

  1. Dream big & not hold back.
  2. Do the work.
  3. Ask for it with no ego.
  4. Don’t discredit yourself, apologizing for wanting what you want.

Barrier Free Art

Art- n. the quality, production expression or realm, according to aesthetic principles of what is beautiful, appealing or of more than ordinary significance.  


DCD065FD-4E0A-4A96-B8A5-BD62B22F6B62At the crossroads of fashion is art. Intersecting with beauty. Obstructed by society with conceptual identities circulating around us.

Daily, intrusive societal barriers are unconsciously imposed on us thru various art forms/propaganda: fashion, music, movies, politics and of course- with its curated content- social media. These barriers operate as systematic attempts to place identities on individuals through standards sculpted by society. Artfully shaped these mind mediums don’t just resonate with us they subconsciously reinforce who we are.

These same societal barriers disrupt beauty and self-expression. Westernization, along with trends, has diluted  individuality,  deflecting the gravity of embracing our authentic being. Considering a trend is a social process of change and acceptance created by human beings, this explains why we buy into mainstream trends and  beauty ideologies  – the more you see it, the more appeal and acceptance it garners. Figuratively, beauty trends are forging modern day, cookie-cutter cults.


Photographed byMarcus Jones of  L3 Media

Ask any male and he’ll label it witch craft, but makeup application in itself is definitely an art craft; without art’s individualistic influence, it’s just makeup. This modern day beauty “trend” has always been an unconventional tool of self-expression and personal empowerment.

It is up to the makeup artist to see not only the beauty in our clients, but also the beauty in the world. With social media perpetuating beauty as a tangible good and creativity as a copy, the Art & Makeup Exhibition was born.


Artist in Action @ Art & Makeup Exhibition

The Art & Makeup Exhibition is social and creative endeavor that reinforces that beauty is about confidence and individuality while uniting makeup artist in an environment that fuels creativity and dispels competition. Thus, artist can build community while exchanging honest feedback on beauty products and create beauty content to showcase their artistry.



Barrier Free Art Installation created by Yancy Villa-Calvo @ Orange Mound Gallery





Editing Editorial Makeup



Inspired at a young age by the pages of Seventeen, Teen and Word Up magazine- beauty, fashion and entertainment was my destiny. I fell in  with the crazy, electric concepts behind editorial looks. Working in the world of runway has been more than a dream and exploring unconventional methods of makeup have  makeup enthusi-arist.

Gone are the days, wherein we refer solely to magazines, books, periodicals and TV for information and inspiration.   With so many media meduims at our disposial these days- there seems to be a disconnect between the beauty industry and  social media. The war on makeup has wedges a divide between artist, beauty influences and civillians.

As a “professional” makeup artist, I struggled with rivalry sides. Can’t I admire the latest beauty trends- all the while valuing and appreciating art’s everlasting, long influiential history.  As a professional, why not selectively incorporate those trends best suited. The runway  is a trend report influenced by art and glamour for the everyday trendy woman. Except its show- a form of entertainment.

In the beauty seasons of full coverage, contour and percision-Couture Catwalk reloaded was inspired by makeup artist Tom Pecheux for Chanel Couture. Couture Catwalk reloaded is about bringing color, confiedence and simplicty into the everyday world. Because everyday, the world is our runway.

💄Checkout the live look demonstration:


The Artitude of Attitude


It’s been a fast 4 years in NYC and I’m living out my (dream) life. Dreams are supposed to be enchanting, exhilarating and perfect; likewise nightmares  are perplexingly dark, numbing and hellish.  Somewhere in between the two worlds, you can find me bent over backwards, on one foot, wobbling through reality. Balancing your dreams and reality really is an art form. It’s thrilling- yet gut wrenching when your dreams start to manifest.


To believe you have full dominion over your dreams  and be held accountable for its shortcomings, evokes both power and fear. Fear can be crippling. Like a nightmare we have to convince ourselves that fear is not real. As humans we naturally have fears, but placing more weight on our fears counteracts our faith, ultimately blocking the manifestation of our goals and life purpose.


It can be visually empowering  to see others flying by the seat of their pants fighting fear. Social media can make it look sooo effortless you’d need a psychic magnifying lens to see the life disturbances and demons present in the background.  My  NYC daydream has been no walk in the park. I’ve been physically assaulted,  fired, battled homelessness, heartbreak, enlisted more frienemies than friends, along  with an infinite number of other obstacles/failures. Life challenges in the face of fear are important because they mold us into greater versions of ourselves. These ruthless and relenting obstacles create courage and wisdom while strengthening mental/spiritual growth.


4 is the number of fate and resonates mastery, endurance, stability, conscientiousness and self-sacrifice. It is with great honor that I accept the fear and challenges of the unknown as I celebrate my 4th anniversary in the concrete jungle. Feel the fear and do it any way! #FUCKFEAR


CONTROL your thoughts. CHALLENGE yourself. EVOLVE….just embrace it.



The Art of Vision: Berlin

The contradictions of this world amuse me. To be awake is synonymously exchangeable with awaken. Contextually, to be awaken is to be consciously available and alert. As l we drift through life mentally and emotionally unavailable, we are labeled are “awake”. Truthfully,  we are unstimulated.

To be conscious is to live in color. When we are conscious and present in our daily lives, we begin to develop our purpose, and our vision appears more vividly.

Societal contradiction strikes again as vision is defined as sight; yet simultaneously characterized as an impractical theme, where visionaries are labeled illusive.

Life, through its hardships and disruptions, breeds ingenuity.  Art is the reflective birthing of our visions, through life’s adversities. Art provides visual scenery that stimulates an unconscious change in direction allowing us to see things differently (more consciously).

When we operate as visionaries, we empower not only ourselves but our counterparts by creating the future and commanding what you have not seen yet. Audaciously, society marginalized the power of art, and minds alike that craft their own visions and live their own truths (until it’s been manifested).

Question your consciousness.

The Art of Erosion: Iceland

Travel stretches and wharps our spiritual and mental capacity into unfathomable dimensions.

This metamorphasis or “erosion” is rarely picture perfect.

The natural forces of life painfully yet blissfully challenge, empower and restore us through our imperfect and divergent paths, constructed by reality.

“The ultimate goal of life remains the spiritual growth of the individual and its solidarity climb to peaks that can be reached only alone.” (Scott Peck, The Roadless Traveled)

Travel foster spiritual replenishment and elevates growth. Grow into your greatness.


Beauty & the Eat:

Spiced Turkey Lettuce Wraps

Active Ingredients:                                   Prep Time: 25 mins

1. Create Spanish spice by mixing one teaspoon of chili powder, cumin and half a teaspoon of oregano, cayenne and sweet smoked paprika (or substitue regular paprika). Marinate ground turkey, garlic and onions in the Spanish spice mix in beef broth for at least 25 minutes for ardent flavor. 2. Dice and mix onion, red bell pepper, garlic, cilantro, corn and black beans. Be sure to cook and cool black beans and frozen corn before adding them to the mix. 3. Squeeze fresh lime juice into vegetable mixture and sprinkle with a dash of pepper to complete salsa. For best results refrigerate or stand at room temperature for 15 minutes. 4. On a stove top, cook and drain ground turkey until brown. 5. Rinse and peel full lettuce leafs from lettuce head.  Later the cup of the lettuce with cooked ground turkey. Garnish with veggie salsa and avocado slice. Add chili pepper sauce for slight spice.

1. Create Spanish spice by mixing one tablespoon of chili powder, cumin and half a teaspoon of oregano, cayenne and sweet smoked paprika (or substitue regular paprika). Marinate ground turkey, garlic and onions in the Spanish spice mix in beef broth for at least 25 minutes for ardent flavor.
2. Dice and mix onion, red bell pepper, garlic, cilantro, corn and black beans. Be sure to cook and cool black beans and frozen corn before adding them to the mix.
3. Squeeze fresh lime juice into vegetable mixture and sprinkle with a dash of pepper to complete salsa. For best results refrigerate or stand at room temperature for 15 minutes.              4.   On a stove top, cook and drain ground turkey until brown.
5. Rinse and peel full lettuce leafs from lettuce head. Later the cup of the lettuce with cooked ground turkey. Garnish with veggie salsa and avocado slice. Add chili pepper sauce for slight spice.

  • 1/2 lb. ground turkey
  • head of green leaf lettuce
  • 1 lime
  • 1 red bell pepper
  • 1 onion
  • 1 garlic clove minced
  • 1 avocado halved
  • fresh cilantro
  • 1/4 cup frozen sweet corn
  • 1/4 cup of canned black beans drained
  • Spanish spice (chili powder, sweet smoked paprika, cumin, cayenne pepper, oregano)
  • black pepper
  • chili pepper sauce
  • 1/2 cup Beef broth (optional)

**I’m usually accustom to cooking single servings for one person. This is for a serving of two because I’m greedy 😝😋. Increase and ration accordingly.**

The Art of Dressing

Therein, each one of our closets, lie artistic components: blazers, blouses, slacks, dresses- you name it. The mixing of colors, patterns, textures, and silhouettes is art; fashion is art. There is art in dressing. There are no rules. Just infinite articles and combinations. a² + b² = c²

As a makeup artist, I’m terrible at math and my budget is about as complicated as the Pythagorem theorem. I’ve discovered that wardrobe additions are not always the answer, no matter how appealing the price tag. The real solution lies in creatively, mixing and maximize your wardrobe and owning the fashion pieces that belong to you.  I’ve etched out three guidelines to help awaken your inner artist, while staying true to the fashionista in you. The ultimate challenge is not painting your wardrobe in another light, but being bold enough to post a repeat in the social media spotlight.

You just can't stop thinking about it. It's a piece that just speaks to your soul and makes a statement.  you know you'll never find anything else like it like it. Can often help eliminate impulsive, frugal purchases. Statement pieces bring character to you wardrobe broadcasting your style.

It’s a piece that just speaks to your soul and makes a statement. Regardless of price, you just can’t stop thinking about it and know you’ll never find anything else like it like it. Statement pieces bring character to you wardrobe, defining your style. Ask yourself thes questions as a tactic to eliminate impulsive, frivolous purchases.


Make it a rainy day tradition, to spend the day trolling your closet, mixing pieces to create ready-to-wear outfits. This maximizes wardrobe pieces and elimates fashion mental blocks, ultimately saving you time when getting dressed.


By bringing home only items that you love, whether the reasoning be fit or fashion influenced, you elimate the chance of introducing items that don’t flow with your vibe. If you love everything you own, you’ll be eager to wear every piece, optimizing each article by seeing endless possibilities. If you instead  find your self overlooking or disqualifity articles, it’s time to re-evaluate your motives. Sale tags should not be the driving force.

Kelly Mahoney  Photography NYC

Kelly Mahoney Photography NYC

That is the #ArtofDressing


Rewind to this time year last year, 02/14/14. It was Valentine’s Day, and instead of celebrating and spreading love, I observed Singles Awareness Day. Rather than celebrate self-love, I was the bitter and battered girl behind the screen, posting condescending propaganda to social media. All a facade.

Photography by

Photography by

We all desire to love and be loved. I once read somewhere that “God doesn’t give you the people you want. He gives you the people you need. To help you, to hurt you, to leave you, to love you and to make you the person you were meant to be.” And in the process of waiting to be loved, I met “K”.

STUCK.  We’ve all been there- mentally, emotional, finacially, or physically stuck. At the time, I was stuck battling 3 of the 4 of life’s road blocks. I loved how “K” distracted me and made me feel in the beginning. Usually, I always felt unappreciated and undervalued by men. Like a trophy, he was a great reminder of my worth. But just like a temporary finish on an overly polished fixture, that too begin to tarnish.  Once again, like a bad joke, I was left holding the trophy  (on stage, in an empty room) wondering where it all went wrong. Like all bad jokes, it starts off as a good idea with potential. Eventually things just end up spiraling down hill, resulting in an epic fail.


Although there was no fairytale ending, I now understand his purpose. “K”really forced me to rely on myself and seek who I was as an individual; How not to rely on a man for identification or happiness.

Before him, I didn’t really understand who I was or what it meant to be completely happy. I thought a boyfriend would complete me. I thought he could expose me to ME. I never realized that before “K”, I had always been happy and held relentless power and firsthand ability to control that.

My worth assurance and personal development is my job. Ideally, it should have been my father’s to instill that in me; to expose me to what the love of a man feels like; to steer me clear of bad decisions and traumatic male encounters.

Likewise, I could have invested more energy into discovering myself, had I not wasted so much time and energy searching for love and identity in a man. All along, what I was in search of was within me. I possessed that power and the dark periods that “K” and I shared, although secret and separate, gave strength and light to the rebirthing I needed to epiphanize and evolve into myself. As a means of escape and survival, I managed to find my personal passion and identity, through the pain and turmoil associated with “K”.

"Where there is light, thereby is love."

“Where there is light, there is love.”

While physically, I can truly appreciate the exotic, erotica of his love; the result of 2K14 was not about finding Mr. Right, but about finding myself.  2K14 was about the rebirth of me. Meet Zarielle Washington. 😘That’s who I celebrated my eternal love with on Valentines’.

#SoulfulSelfie #ZarielleWashington