Editing Editorial Makeup



Inspired at a young age by the pages of Seventeen, Teen and Word Up magazine- beauty, fashion and entertainment was my destiny. I fell in  with the crazy, electric concepts behind editorial looks. Working in the world of runway has been more than a dream and exploring unconventional methods of makeup have  makeup enthusi-arist.

Gone are the days, wherein we refer solely to magazines, books, periodicals and TV for information and inspiration.   With so many media meduims at our disposial these days- there seems to be a disconnect between the beauty industry and  social media. The war on makeup has wedges a divide between artist, beauty influences and civillians.

As a “professional” makeup artist, I struggled with rivalry sides. Can’t I admire the latest beauty trends- all the while valuing and appreciating art’s everlasting, long influiential history.  As a professional, why not selectively incorporate those trends best suited. The runway  is a trend report influenced by art and glamour for the everyday trendy woman. Except its show- a form of entertainment.

In the beauty seasons of full coverage, contour and percision-Couture Catwalk reloaded was inspired by makeup artist Tom Pecheux for Chanel Couture. Couture Catwalk reloaded is about bringing color, confiedence and simplicty into the everyday world. Because everyday, the world is our runway.

💄Checkout the live look demonstration:



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