The Art of Vision: Berlin

The contradictions of this world amuse me. To be awake is synonymously exchangeable with awaken. Contextually, to be awaken is to be consciously available and alert. As l we drift through life mentally and emotionally unavailable, we are labeled are “awake”. Truthfully,  we are unstimulated.

To be conscious is to live in color. When we are conscious and present in our daily lives, we begin to develop our purpose, and our vision appears more vividly.

Societal contradiction strikes again as vision is defined as sight; yet simultaneously characterized as an impractical theme, where visionaries are labeled illusive.

Life, through its hardships and disruptions, breeds ingenuity.  Art is the reflective birthing of our visions, through life’s adversities. Art provides visual scenery that stimulates an unconscious change in direction allowing us to see things differently (more consciously).

When we operate as visionaries, we empower not only ourselves but our counterparts by creating the future and commanding what you have not seen yet. Audaciously, society marginalized the power of art, and minds alike that craft their own visions and live their own truths (until it’s been manifested).

Question your consciousness.