Barrier Free Art

Art- n. the quality, production expression or realm, according to aesthetic principles of what is beautiful, appealing or of more than ordinary significance.  


DCD065FD-4E0A-4A96-B8A5-BD62B22F6B62At the crossroads of fashion is art. Intersecting with beauty. Obstructed by society with conceptual identities circulating around us.

Daily, intrusive societal barriers are unconsciously imposed on us thru various art forms/propaganda: fashion, music, movies, politics and of course- with its curated content- social media. These barriers operate as systematic attempts to place identities on individuals through standards sculpted by society. Artfully shaped these mind mediums don’t just resonate with us they subconsciously reinforce who we are.

These same societal barriers disrupt beauty and self-expression. Westernization, along with trends, has diluted  individuality,  deflecting the gravity of embracing our authentic being. Considering a trend is a social process of change and acceptance created by human beings, this explains why we buy into mainstream trends and  beauty ideologies  – the more you see it, the more appeal and acceptance it garners. Figuratively, beauty trends are forging modern day, cookie-cutter cults.


Photographed byMarcus Jones of  L3 Media

Ask any male and he’ll label it witch craft, but makeup application in itself is definitely an art craft; without art’s individualistic influence, it’s just makeup. This modern day beauty “trend” has always been an unconventional tool of self-expression and personal empowerment.

It is up to the makeup artist to see not only the beauty in our clients, but also the beauty in the world. With social media perpetuating beauty as a tangible good and creativity as a copy, the Art & Makeup Exhibition was born.


Artist in Action @ Art & Makeup Exhibition

The Art & Makeup Exhibition is social and creative endeavor that reinforces that beauty is about confidence and individuality while uniting makeup artist in an environment that fuels creativity and dispels competition. Thus, artist can build community while exchanging honest feedback on beauty products and create beauty content to showcase their artistry.



Barrier Free Art Installation created by Yancy Villa-Calvo @ Orange Mound Gallery






The Art of Dressing

Therein, each one of our closets, lie artistic components: blazers, blouses, slacks, dresses- you name it. The mixing of colors, patterns, textures, and silhouettes is art; fashion is art. There is art in dressing. There are no rules. Just infinite articles and combinations. a² + b² = c²

As a makeup artist, I’m terrible at math and my budget is about as complicated as the Pythagorem theorem. I’ve discovered that wardrobe additions are not always the answer, no matter how appealing the price tag. The real solution lies in creatively, mixing and maximize your wardrobe and owning the fashion pieces that belong to you.  I’ve etched out three guidelines to help awaken your inner artist, while staying true to the fashionista in you. The ultimate challenge is not painting your wardrobe in another light, but being bold enough to post a repeat in the social media spotlight.

You just can't stop thinking about it. It's a piece that just speaks to your soul and makes a statement.  you know you'll never find anything else like it like it. Can often help eliminate impulsive, frugal purchases. Statement pieces bring character to you wardrobe broadcasting your style.

It’s a piece that just speaks to your soul and makes a statement. Regardless of price, you just can’t stop thinking about it and know you’ll never find anything else like it like it. Statement pieces bring character to you wardrobe, defining your style. Ask yourself thes questions as a tactic to eliminate impulsive, frivolous purchases.


Make it a rainy day tradition, to spend the day trolling your closet, mixing pieces to create ready-to-wear outfits. This maximizes wardrobe pieces and elimates fashion mental blocks, ultimately saving you time when getting dressed.


By bringing home only items that you love, whether the reasoning be fit or fashion influenced, you elimate the chance of introducing items that don’t flow with your vibe. If you love everything you own, you’ll be eager to wear every piece, optimizing each article by seeing endless possibilities. If you instead  find your self overlooking or disqualifity articles, it’s time to re-evaluate your motives. Sale tags should not be the driving force.

Kelly Mahoney  Photography NYC

Kelly Mahoney Photography NYC

That is the #ArtofDressing

Twenty Something Manifesto

Photography by Kelly Mahoney

Photography by Kelly Mahoney

I used to not like my name-I thought it was ghetto. Now that I think about it, it’s actually a cool name: Zarielle Washington. It’s like the name of cartoon action figure and I’m starring in this cinematic motion picture called life- lets just say I’m finally figuring my role it out, 29 years later. It’s been comical, scene after scene but I think I have it figured out- I know who I am. Unfortunately, it didn’t air on the big screen. My biggest regret to this day is that I didn’t document my adventures. With 4 days left in 2014, I’m declaring its not to late!

Because I know I’m not the only twenty something protagonist, role playing my dreams by day and battling bad guys by night as I transition into the lifestyle I ultimately envision- this virtual space is for us. If you love the idea of a better you, a better bargain and creating beautfiul surroundings with them, then there’s “Something about Zarielle” that you’ll love!